86 year old female admitted for CLI for limb salvage, former smoker. - Intervention

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Case #2: January 4, 1100
Performing physicians: Mustapha/Saab
85-year-old female admitted for CLI for limb salvage. Former smoker.
PMH: Hyperlipidemia, HTN, DM Type II, CAD, PAD, atrial fibrillation, interstitial lung disease.
Clinical symptoms: Severe pain on the left with 5th digit turning black 1 week ago. Left foot cellulitis 4th and 5th digits of left foot.
• L foot x-ray: negative for osteomyelitis.
• Echo: EF 55%, moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation
Wound Clinic and Podiatry consulted.
JAM’s procedure treatment plan:
• L SFA CTO post opening and ballooning
• Need to fix tibials and stent the SFA
• Regular on the table/JAM stand on patient’s right side
• Stick high groin
• Need: 5F Terumo MicroSheath
• 7F Terumo Pinnacle
• Advantage wire
• 1.25 Stealth Diamondback and Chocolate balloon 2.5X40 mm
• Treat L AT first, then stent the SFA
• RIM catheter and Glidecross 0.35 catheters.

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Jihad A. Mustapha, MD, FACC, FSCAI

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Director of Peripheral Intervention & Cardiovascular Research

Metro Health Hospital

Wyoming, Michigan